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fiery_graphics's Journal

Makers of kewl hot Graphics
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Welcome graphic maniacs!

Here we are openned for business! This is a place to share your graphics!
So fellow artists... Express yourselves! Beginners and old time designers, dont be shy, show your art to the world ;)

We do have some little simple rules:

1. Save the graphics (icons, wallpapers...) to your computer. No hotlinking please.

2. Leave a comment to the artist to let him/her know what you got. That helps us to know which arts are doing success and which are not so we can improve our work and maybe create things that pleases you most. Constructive criticism and suggestions are also appreciated.

3. If using any of the graphics from artists that request credit, please do so.The creations dont just pop out of nowhere, its a labor of love and dedication. Lets share with respect.

4. Use Lj-cut if you are posting more than 3 small pictures, so it doesnt slow down the community ;)

5. Requests can be made and someone may answer to your prayers.

I hope we all get along well and we can have a blast in this celebrating of creativity ;) Of course, all rules on politeness apply. We dont have to go there do we? ;) Be nice with each other all right?

Once more Welcome to Fiery Graphics!
Have a blast!

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