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I come back with two versions of one ammended graphic - Makers of kewl hot Graphics
I come back with two versions of one ammended graphic

Which version is better? The bottom one is the original alterations. I built up her arms from nothing. I built them up px by px. The strong colours shows you the hues with which I did work.

The top image is the same work which I further modified to tone done the orange hues with the addition of cyan and to soften/blend the stark contrasts for a more uniform skin tone.

So which version do you like? Responses sought and requested



Sekhmet Awakened (8I)
Sekhmet Awakened (8I)

Sekhmet Awakened (8I)
Arms beefed up. I ammended the image to give shape,form and definition to the upper arms with Photo Impact (not the latest edition). Before I make the color more uniform, I need to know how the upper arms appear to you (the viewer). Are the arms realistic? I built up these arms px by px because frankly there were no images that I really liked well enough to use. It's times like this I really wish I could have Poser. Than again maybe not. If Photoshop freaks me out, imagine what Poser would do. Grin. meteru are my graphics so horrid that you won't comment? Come on, bro, say something! Thanks, Nemtetsemnewty

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