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x posted from my journal - Makers of kewl hot Graphics
x posted from my journal

This is the final series of images. I am cross posting here so folks
can see the final result.

The image of Serqet which is included is this grouping is an unusual one because if shows her third and rarest form: that of a lion
headed woman from which two 3rds of a crocodile emerges from the
back of her skull to sit on her shoulder. The cobra in Serqet's solar disk is Nesret, Lady of Primordial fires, showing that Serqet's
energy is electrical in nature. Since Serqet is sometimes called 'the Sekhmet' of "Aset" showing her as a lion headed lady only stresses this fact. The form you see first appeared in Kemet's
XXI dynasty and continued from then on. Of her three known forms,
this is the most rare.

Serqet with a REAL cobra  (9Ha)
Serqet with cobra (9Ha)
turned the statue cobra into a live one.
Added an the element of electrical fire to its belly
to show its the fire of Serqet and not Sekhmet.
Sekhmet, fire element on statue of cobra.
Sekhmet, with fire element to the statue's cobra
Look at the statue version of the cobra (that some think looks like a dick.)
Added a fire element to it.
Sekhmet,  with real cobra  and element of fire-solar fire
Sekhmet. The statue version of a cobra has been replaced with a live one. Solar
fire has been added to the cobra to show it is the fire associated with
Sekhmet, not Serqet.

Original endeaver and concept
Original endeavour and concept
This is the original head (sculpture.)

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From: leopardlover79 Date: January 21st, 2006 11:28 am (UTC) (Link)
Very cool images.
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