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Update on portraiture of Sekhmet - Makers of kewl hot Graphics
Update on portraiture of Sekhmet

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Ritual of awakening-Rite of Healing
Ritual of awakening-Rite of Healing
Sekhmet awakens to perform rite of healing

This is another update on that portraiture of Sekhmet. I fixed the Solar Disk.
Specifically, I cleaned defined the area around her ears. Her ears are more
defined then they were.

In addition, I enlarged the abdominal sheath plate under her breasts. It is made
of electrum over which is fused a guard of solid Carnelian. It is a stone that
has been attributed to her and is in fact mentioned in the lyrics of a well known
hymn to her. The stone looks rather transparent because I originally inlaid the
image onto the image of an actual abdominal sheath plate at 60% transparency.
The carnelian in this picture comes from the image of an engagement ring.
Originally diamond shape and very short in length, I elongated it and created
the shape you see in this image.

I have been told that the ancient Egyptian surgical scalpel and the blue lotus
(in her left hand) are quite impressionistic. It may appear to be the case in the
eye of the behold but in actual fact, they are images of the actual items themselves
and not my 'renditions' of them.

I extracted these from their original images using a free-hand lasso and lots
of determination, persistence and forced patience.

Under the lotus,you will see the image of a staff. This too is an actual image of a
staff attributed to Sekhmet. It can be found among the many items at the
British Museum-Department of Antiquities in London.

The staff has hieroglyphic writing on it in the original image. The actual metal from which it was made has
not been given.

In making the staff fit the image, I had to alter the viewer's perspective of it by giving it a slant. and fusing
the top of it (where the lotus is) under the actual image of a blue lotus. This, I hoped would
give the viewer the impression that a real lotus was miraculously growing out
of a staff made of electrum. The only regret I have with regards to the staff is that
the writings in hieroglyphs have become distorted and therefore lost.

Actually the only thing that is truly impressionistic is the background with its surreal imagery and shadowy

I wanted to give an impression that Sekhmet was awakening during ritual. She finds herself in a very old,
sacred and cavern like enclosure...(not dissimilar from a lair). She looks with love upon those gathered
to pay homage to her. I attempted to 'paint' her at the moment she is morphing from a statue, to a living being.

Realizing where she is and among who she finds herself, Sekhmet raises her staff of life
and her very, very ancient surgical scalpel to begin a rite.

I leave it to each viewer of this image to determine what that 'rite' is.

Hope you like it.



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